December 21, 2014

Travel essentials

I just jetted off to Thailand to explore a land full of mangoes, beaches and orchids.

Will you be traveling anywhere for the holidays? Somewhere tropical to escape winter, or back home to your family? In between swimming in sea caves and hiking through the jungle, I found some useful tricks and multitasking products to share with you jet setters. Whittling your suitcase down to the essentials is difficult, and I wanted to share some of my necessities.

1. Beat dry plane air
Three components are necessary to battle skin dehydration on the plane: facial oil, face mist, and hand lotion. Keep them in your carry on and in an easily accessible pocket for reapplications. I'm not mentioning drinking epic amounts of water because, of course, you know that one already, right?

2. Stay healthy
Whether before a quick bite on the airplane, or when you're caught somewhere rural without running water, a hand sanitizer is a must. Pack one with skin softeners like aloe and oils. Make sure it doesn't contain triclosan, to prevent resistant bacterial strains.

3. Keep the sun off
Especially in locales near the equator, you want to be especially vigilant about proper sun care. A facial sunscreen, body sunscreen and hat are invaluable.

4. Blemish buster
Whether it's due to the recirculated plane air or holiday stress, a blemish or two is possible. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Bring your favorite spot treatment just in case.

5. Treat bug bites
If you're headed someplace tropical, you're bound to be found by mosquitoes, even with the most powerful repellents. I packed both activated charcoal to eliminate bites if I could treat them within a few hours, and tamanu oil to eliminate any itchiness if I couldn't.

6. Pamper yourself
You know that little bottle you love to treat your skin to on special occasions? You're thinking of not packing it because it will take up space. Pick one of your luxuries and treat yourself. What's another 3.8oz anyway? You know you'll thank me for this.

7. Some yoga moves
Being cramped in a small airplane seat for hours isn't comfortable. Prevent back aches with core work (knee lifts) and sitting cat cow pose. Sitting for that long is bad for your health too. Prevent deep vein thrombosis with leg lifts and ankle rolls. Arm yourself with some articles on yoga in tight places for some other rejuvenating exercises.


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