February 11, 2013

Get ready for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about treating yourself. It isn't just for the romantically attached. So bring on the pampering luxury this February 14th.

Candles are the perfect way to punctuate a moment; during a romantic dinner, in the bath, or while meditating. However, most candles are made with paraffin wax. Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum. After this dirty waste product is extracted from the processing of petroleum, the liquid is then separated from the solid material by mixing with a solvent like ketone. Then it is bleached to remove any color, which creates toxic dioxins. It goes through even further processing to remove any foul petroleum odors. These toxins are in the vapors emitted when you light your candle. If you don't want to expose your lungs to such fumes, a better alternative is all natural beeswax or soy. So set the mood with a petroleum-free candle scented with natural essential oils like those from Aroma Naturals, Neom Organics, Way Out Wax, Big Dipper Wax Works, or Indigo Wild.

We are so careful about the ingredients we put on our faces and hair, but what's even more delicate? I'll just cut to the chase, I'm talking about lube. I think that's about the absolute last place you want to apply petrochemicals and parabens. But most natural brands offer up oil-based formulas. These should be nowhere near latex condoms. Water based formulas are hard to find because most hide phenoxyethanol at the bottom of the ingredients list. But you're in luck, because there is indeed a lube to answer your prayers. Sliquid has developed an aloe based lube. It is perfectly safe for use with latex condoms, and are hypoallergenic and vegan. It also is glycerin free, so it won't trigger UTI's. There are a myriad of choices: H2O, Sassy, Sea, Sizzle and Satin have no silicone. I would steer clear of Silver and Silk, however, because they both contain silicone.

Craving bubbles? A bubble bath makes a soak that much more fun. Try Deep Steep, which creates suds using only coco glucoside, instead of sulfates. Their beautiful aromas are crafted from flower extracts. My favorite scents are honeydew spearmint, tangerine melon, and grapefruit bergamot.

Don't forget to slip some rose petals in that bath of yours, and happy Valentine's Day.

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