December 17, 2012

The Oil Cleansing Method

The winter solstice is approaching and the air is getting drier. Do you ever notice that the change in season effects your skin? Combined with indoor heating, the air can be particularly harsh this time of year.

This is part of the reason I've ditched the soapy, foamy face wash. No matter how gentle your formulation, it can still be drying.

My new cleansing routine doesn't even require a moisturizing step. Have you heard of oil cleansing? It's based on the first principle of chemistry: like dissolves like. Oil and water don't mix, so to remove excess oil, dirt and sebum in your pores, the theory is that the deepest cleanse comes from an oil. A powerful, antioxidant heavy, antibacterial plant oil.

The technique is simple:
1. Lightly splash your face with warm water, just enough to get it damp. A pre-cleanse step is not necessary, you can start while wearing a full face of makeup.
2. Massage the oil into your moist skin. Pay special attention to pressure points and pamper yourself. A face massage feels incredibly luxurious after a long day.
3. Soak a washcloth in warm water and apply it to your face. Hold it there for a few seconds and then gently wipe the oil off.

I don't worry about getting absolutely all the oil off. I let it sink in and act as a moisturizer. One of the benefits of this new method is it eliminates the need for steps like toning and moisturizing. My skin is seriously loving it lately. And depending on the oils you use, it can save you some serious cash.

So, how terrifying is slathering your face with oil for cleansing?

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  1. Hi!

    I always cleanse my face with coconut oil & love it! My skin feels so soft afterwards!

  2. That's great! I'm so glad it's working for you too! I love coconut oil. Have you tried it in your hair?

  3. Hi Charlotte! Alison from NMDL / 100% Pure adventure here :) What kind of oil do you use to cleanse?

  4. Hi Alison! So glad to see you here!! You beat me to the punch. The specific oil I use will be the very next post, don't fret ;)

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    I have really oily skin/Acne what oil should I use?

  6. @lovelyshu1 use jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed oil as your carrier oil. Mix it in the ratio: 2/3 castor oil to 1/3 carrier oil. The details are in this post: