February 6, 2012

My Culinary Discovery

Along with a new year comes new discoveries. Recently, I stumbled across a food blog called My New Roots, the brainchild of Sarah Britton, a certified holistic nutritionist and chef. I have fallen in love.

Four Corners Lentil Soup

This food blog is different than most. Yes, it does contain a plethora of great recipes. Yes, there are tantalizing photographs. However, Sarah B. teaches about the nutrition of each ingredient (sound a little familiar?). Instead of merely reading about the cooking process and the tasty prize at the end, each recipe contains anecdotes about the nutritional rewards you will reap by consuming the dish. I've learned that one cup of lentils contains 90% of your recommended daily intake of folate. According to My New Roots, folate is "critical  in the prevention of birth defects. Folate also functions to support red blood cell production and help prevent anemia, allows nerves to function properly, helps prevent osteoporosis-related bone fractures, and helps prevent dementias including Alzheimer's disease." I've started regularly cooking dishes like rhubarb lentil sweet potato stew, and four corners lentil soup.

Rhubarb Lentil Sweet Potato Stew

Sarah B. also melodiously sings the praises of seaweed, which she affectionately calls sea vegetables. I don't usually cook with seaweed, but after discovering that sea vegetables collectively have all fifty-six minerals and trace minerals currently considered necessary for the human body, contain vitamin B12 (great for vegetarians and vegans) and are packed with calcium iron and fiber, I already have gobbled up wakame salad twice.

Black Bean Cookies

We are all aware of the nutritional value found in antioxidants, but Sarah B. regularly highlights the importance of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are phytonutrients present in plants. Research has shown that anthocyanins provide health benefits for counteracting cancer, neurological disorders, inflammation, diabetes, and aging. You can find anthocyanins in foods colored by deep reds, blues, purples, and magentas. So this winter fill up on black beans, beets and black rice. Come summer, you can feast on blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Now that we're on the topic of summer (yes, I am impatient), Sarah B. has a recipe for drinkable sunblock. Of course we both believe that you still need the topical version, but you can mix this up to supplement your creamy sunscreen. On my first beach trip of the season I will be sipping iced goji lemonade with the sand between my toes.

Goji Ginger Lemonade

Her posts are like mini lessons in nutritional science. And to give you an idea of how talented this chef is, she has even convinced me to consider trying chlorella, bee pollen and activated nuts. Yes, and she is persuasive. How could you tell?

Go meander her site for awhile and see if you discover a new favorite recipe.

Bee Pollen

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  1. Hey Charlotte, it's Britt. I am catching up on all of your blog posts since Danielle reminded me about your beauty blog. Today I am making a list of everything I need to buy! So fun! Thank you! I discovered My New Roots last year and I LOVE HER! I'd love to chat about what you've made from the blog sometime. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Britt! I'm so excited for your shopping spree! You have to tell me what you get and how you like it all. And if you need any more recommendations, I'd love to help (or if you need a shopping spree buddy)! My New Roots is super awesome, I adore all her recipes, and I can't wait to make her to-die-for chocolate desserts...mmmm.

  3. Hi thankks for posting this