December 12, 2011

What's On The Inside Counts

This blog is about treating your skin and body better, helping the environment and living a healthier lifestyle. Most of my discussion has focused on how your personal care products can accomplish this. But what you put on the inside counts, too. If not more.

The food you ingest affects your health, well being, metabolism, energy, immune system and skin. Eliminating toxins in your beauty cabinet is only one piece of the puzzle. While I don't claim to be a nutrition guru (I have my boyfriend's sister for that) I do want to emphasize that healthy choices don't stop at your make-up bag. So I thought I'd write a little post in praise of food.

Just as you should avoid petrochemicals on your skin, substances such as genetically modified crops should be absent from your plate, and pesticides or synthetic fertilizers shouldn't come near your food. But you knew that already. Are you also avoiding synthetic caffeine; high fructose corn syrup; heck, sugar period; processed foods (anything with words on the ingredient label you don't recognize); and instead choosing grass fed, free range, whole foods that are rich in fiber, high in omega-3's and antioxidants?

There is so much to say on the topic of food. I could delve into Monsanto's GMO corn, hidden sugar in your pasta sauce, the paleo diet, veganism, BPA in canned soup, vitamin D, locavores, pizza as a vegetable... See what I mean? This post could go on forever. So let's cut to the chase.

I regularly meet people who want help clearing up one skin problem or another. While moving away from harsh products and chemicals does wonders, our skin is inevitably a reflection of our gut. It was recently shown that there is indeed a link between food and acne (much to dermatologists dismay). And I won't be surprised when they find a link between food and aging skin. So, if you've been searching for that miracle cream, take a moment to stop and think and perhaps renew your search, beginning with your diet.

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