December 18, 2011

Flutter Worthy Lashes

Mascara is one of the few products green product junkies regularly cheat on (shhhh). Achieving long, dark, smudge-proof, flake-proof, 12-hour coverage is a challenge. In my experience, even run-of-the-mill, mainstream mascara struggles to shine in all five categories.

My eyes like to smudge everything, which has given me an aversion to mascara. Typically, by the end of the night, my mascara and eyeliner have migrated to locations they know they are not welcome. Finding a power make-up remover has eliminated some of my personal distaste for mascara, but finding a mascara with a lower smudge-factor would be the cherry on top.

Enter 100% Pure. This was the first clean mascara I tried, due to widespread and vehement endorsement by fellow green girls. Luckily, they knew what they were talking about.

Naked lashes

100% Pure creates deep, dense color. This means it creates longer lashes, because it can darken even the finest, invisible lash tips. It applies smoothly, but I do notice some clumps initially upon application. However, even if if I don't brush them out with a lash comb they seem to melt in and distribute themselves within 10-15 minutes.

Lashes with 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Blackberry

The best part (besides how absolutely long my lashes look) is that there is never any smudging. One late night when I got home, I tiredly rubbed my eyes (the kind of exhausted, whole handed fist massage you do when you're half asleep). A glance in the mirror revealed absolutely no trace. Not a flake, not a smudge.

One downside I discovered later on is that when I get overzealous in my application, the mascara can flake a tiny bit by the end of the day. But the benefit of flakes (as compared to my nemesis, the smudge) is they can be swept away by the brush of finger tips, leaving no trace. My friends who have made this purchase, however, say they've never experienced flaking, even with extra-zealous application. Maybe this bad luck was just isolated to me.

The mascara holds a curl better than some of my previous mainstream purchases, which is a big plus in my book. The color black was out of stock when I ordered, so I adventurously opted for blackberry. This turned out to be a brilliant choice, because the subtle hint of purple enhanced the green in my eyes. The mascara looks black on my eyelashes, but if I swiped a thin streak on a cotton ball, the hint of purple was clearly evident. It also comes in dark chocolate (a deep brown), blueberry (shimmery blue black) and black tea (blackest black).

If you take a look at the ingredients, you will see a dense array of botanicals. Even the pigment is achieved with fruits and teas, such as blackberry, blueberry, coffee beans, cocoa powder and black tea. The thickening agents used are simply beeswax and seaweed powder. This mascara has serious clean creds.

The frosting on the cake is the scent of the mascara. This little tube smells like tropical summer fruit. You can catch whiffs of it as you apply. Just a little attention to detail that makes it that much sweeter to use.

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Ingredients in 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara:
Green Tea*, vitamin E, honey beeswax, Contains all or some of the following pigments: Blackberry, blueberry, black tea, grape skin, pomegranate, acai berry, boysenberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, oat protein, wheat protein, provitamin B5, seaweed powder, coconut stearic acid, mica (for shimmer in the Blackberry and Blueberry), cocoa butter, pearl powder, rice powder, cacao powder and powdered coffee beans, lavender honey, extracts of oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender and golden seal. *Certified organic ingredient.

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I have nothing to disclose. I sought out this product and was not compensated monetarily or otherwise for this post. 


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a nice mascara, it's on my list to try.

  2. Thanks so much, Mary. Let us know how you like the mascara!

  3. Yay! And you can use the code "fbfans" for 10% off, too.

  4. That's great! Thanks so much for sharing, Morganya.