December 30, 2011

Beauty Trends for 2012

It's almost the new year, are you ready? Have you heard about Tangerine Tango and Rodin Olio Lusso? Well, then maybe you aren't quite yet.

1. Pantone just announce the new color of 2012: Tangerine Tango. It's this beautiful fiery red with an orange twist. If you have been paying attention you will have seen it all over J.Crew's new line (well, who's new line isn't it all over?), infiltrating graphic design and interiors everywhere. You know where I predict you'll see it next? In that vixen-friend's makeup bag.

That's right. Tangerine Tango will be the next lipstick color to make your puckers pop. On a clean face with the simplest eye make up, it will be the new bold hue to flaunt.

If you're the timid type, test it out in a sheer gloss with Vapour Organics Elixer Plumping Gloss in Tease. But if you're adventurous, snag a tube of Illia's Pure Lip Care in Dizzy.

2. Have you tried face oils since I first posted about them? If you haven't ventured into face oil territory you're missing out. I predict that the number of lines that release new face oils will eclipse your safe bottles of moisturizer in 2012. You know why? Because they feel divine, and are the most effective method to deliver nutrients. Already, the easily accessible green brand Juice Beauty has added an oil to their lineup. And the new luxury brand Rodin Olio has a face oil with a buzz of reviews that won't stop.

Want that dewy complexion? Ease into face oil heaven with some of the best. I recommend Marie Veronique's Sun Protective Oil. My skin has never felt more divine. But if you are a little shy, begin with their Treatment Oil, which is ripe with anti-microbials and anti-inflammatories to combat blemish prone skin.

Take the leap or prepare to be tempted.

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